Countryside Adventure Tours has closed!
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We are closed - now for good.

It has been a wild ride. A fun ride. When starting this business I had no idea where it would end, or how it would go, but it worked well and I've had a lot of fun doing it.

But all good things come to an end, and this is one of them. Under the ongoing COVID restrictions it has been impossible to run tours for a long time, that's one thing. But the main issue is really the political climate (and yes, that includes the chilling effects of the NSL), which has made me decide to leave Hong Kong. The free city that I loved is no more.

So that sadly means no more Countryside Adventure Tours. A big thank you to everyone that has joined my activities over the years, it was fun. Hoping all the best for you, and for Hong Kong.

Countryside Adventures

Mirror Pool waterfall

Mirror Pool waterfall.

Hong Kong is known for its shopping malls and high rises. While these are of course impressive, there is so much more to Hong Kong. Nearly half of Hong Kong's land is designated countrypark, and much more is undeveloped. It offers many opportunities for a great day out, a day away from the noise, the traffic and the crowds.

Hong Kong is small and compact, with many different things to see at short distances. The same accounts for its countryside, which is remarkably rich - if only you know where to find all those hidden gems.

What is out there?

A lot - really a lot. Too much for just a short paragraph on a web page.

The country parks provide relatively untouched nature, which varies from lush forests to rough mountains, interspersed with streams and wetlands. The often steep terrain gives rise to many waterfalls, the tallest being the Main Falls of Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls where the water falls more than 30 meters in a single drop.

Hanging Bell Arch, Jin Island

The "Hanging Bell Arch" at Jin Island.

Mostly enclosed in the country parks is the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, often simply called the Geopark or the Hong Kong Geopark. This park of over 50 km2 has a total of four distinct areas, and a dozen major sites where various interesting geological features can be seen. Other than of geological interest, the geopark offers simply stunning natural rock formations.

The geopark is best known for the magnificent hexagonal rock columns, that are found over a large area in Sai Kung district. This worldwide unique formation gives rise to many tall cliffs, sea arches, sea caves and other coastal landforms. The other main area of the geopark, around Tolo Harbour and Double Haven, is best known for the striking red rock formations that are best exposed in places such as Port Island, Hung Shek Mun and Ap Chau.

Lai Chi Wo village

Lai Chi Wo village.

Also within the country parks are various ancient villages. Some long abandoned, others still inhabited by a small number of people, that have never given up their farming or fishing lives. This are truly places where time has stood still. Reachable only on foot or by boat, thanks to their inaccessibility barely touched by tourism, this are places are where one can truly get a glimpse of how life used to be.

About me

Me at the Devil's Fist

This is me, at the Devil's Fist

I am a Dutch national living in Hong Kong since 2002. I have much experience roaming the great outdoors, and know many of the best places first hand. The more I walk around the countryside, the more I am hooked to the beauty, and the more little gems I uncover. I hope to share this experience with others, giving them a much broader and deeper experience of Hong Kong.

Over the past decade I have been hiking around the countryside almost every weekend and holiday. There are few places that I have not visited at least once, many routes are familiar to me. Being involved in the local hiking and geocaching community has also given me a lot of in depth background information on what is out there, including details about local history, folklore and geology.

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