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Sai Kung Geopark – High Island 2

This hike was a second visit to High Island in the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, shortly after my first event there as chronicled here. This time a slightly smaller group. First we walked down the road at East Dam, to have a look at the hexagonal columns. We checked out the fault breccia […]

Red autumn leaves in Tai Tong

As Hong Kong has a subtropical climate, most trees here are evergreens. Deciduous trees are rare here, the Sweet Gum Tree is one of them. The leaves of these trees turn a pretty shade of red before they fall off, and the best time to see these red leaves is late December. So on this […]

Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is one of the larger outlying islands, with a sizeable population of about 23,000 people. It has regular ferries to Central, and less frequent ferries to Mui Wo. Cheung Chau is popular with locals and tourists alike, not in the least for it’s seafood restaurants lining the port. The island is large enough […]

Peng Chau

The smallest of the inhabited outlying islands at under 1 km2 Peng Chau packs a remarkably large number of interesting sights. The island used to be one of Hong Kong’s major industrial basis, however nowadays no such activity is left as all factories have moved to the mainland. To get there, take a ferry from […]

Mui Wo

Mui Wo is a sleepy village at the eastern end of Lantau Island. In its glory days it was the main gateway to Lantau, and the lands around Mui Wo supplied a large part of the vegetables sold in Hong Kong’s markets. Now it’s mostly inhabited by commuters, and farming has all but disappeared. The […]