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Tai Po Market

Tai Po is a historical market town in the north-east New Territories. Due to its geographical location it has been a trade centre for several centuries. With its rich history, Tai Po boosts a large number of temples and other historical features. It is a bustling town, home to about 300,000 people of which about […]

Needle Hill Tungsten Mine

Quite some time ago I discovered the existence of an abandoned mine in Needle Hill. Several tunnels had been hewn out in the rock to gain access to tungsten bearing ore. The mines closed in the 1970s following a drop in tungsten prices and a sharp increase in labour cost, and have been left idle […]

Tai Po Kau and Lead Mine Pass

This is one of my Sunday family hikes. Tai Po Kau is a beautiful nature reserve, combining lush forests with crystal clear streams and rivers. It is also well known for the fireflies, which can be best watched in spring and summer. We started off at the main entrance to the reserve, a car park […]

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

Another beautiful Saturday, what better to do than go out to the countryside for some geocaching? This time a family hike, and it took us to Clear Water Bay area, where we hiked the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail. After getting off the bus at Tai Au Mun we started by walking along Lung Ha […]

Ride your Stegosaurus!

A Stegosaurus is a large dinosaur, about 9m tall and 4m in height, extinct for about 150 million years. Or are they? This is the tale of a visit to one of these magnificent creatures. Not a very big one, maybe 6-7m long but still nearly 4m in height, it was a joy to ride […]

Tung Lung Chau

Located at the Eastern entrance to Victoria Harbour, this rugged little island used to be a strategic asset. The remains of a Qing dynasty fort can be found here. It is nowadays mostly known for its rugged coastline. Main features here include near vertical cliffs, popular with rock climbers, and a blow hole. At the […]

Hok Tau and Sha Lo Tung

A relaxed hike on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Hong Kong’s hiking is of course known for its mountains. That doesn’t mean all hikes are steep up and down, this one is about as flat as it goes. Beautiful terrain and really easy walking. We started off in Fanling, taking the minibus to Hok Tau reservoir. […]