Monthly Archives: May 2013

Port Island and Devil’s Fist

After months of planning, and various delays due to weather and other circumstances, finally we made it: a visit to the Devil’s Fist, which is one of the main sites of the Hong Kong National Geopark of China. We set off, even though the Very Hot Weather Warning was in force. Meeting up at Wong […]

Smuggler’s Ridge and Piper’s Hill

Another day of geocaching. Starting off at a familiar location, Shing Mun Reservoir, which is also where the Needle Hill Tungsten Mines are located. A place I have visited several times. Today was unfortunately one of those misty, cloudy, rainy days we have so many of in Hong Kong. Good chance to get soaked, and […]

Lin Ma Hang Lead Mine

Lin Ma Hang is situated very close to the border with China, not far from Sha Tau Kok town. Until 2012 it was inside the border closed area, so access was only allowed with special permits. Now the area has been opened up, so it can be accessed without special permits. However as it is […]

Tuen Mun – Castle Peak Range

The Castle Peak Range in Tuen Mun is one of my favourite areas. It used to be, well officially still is, a live firing practice range. As far as I am aware it is not in use any more. The result of years of use as firing range, and the resulting total neglect, has resulted […]