Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ng Tung Chai waterfalls

Wet season is waterfall visit season. In the dry season the water levels drop drastically, making what are growling waterfalls in summer a mere trickle in winter. And with a rainstorm the night before, lots of water is guaranteed. With that in mind, and ignoring the risk of showers, I set off with my son […]

Bride’s Pool and Mirror Pool waterfalls

Hong Kong with its tall and steep mountains has its fair share of waterfalls. Most of them tucked away deep in the countryside, they require a significant hike to find. One notable exception is Bride’s Pool – the name refers to the area, the pool and the waterfall. This waterfall, and the nearby Mirror Pool […]

Lion Rock

“I want to go to the Lion Rock again!” my 6-yo son told me many times. I had been up there twice before with him, and while he doesn’t exactly like to climb up so many steps, the views are obviously good enough to more than make up for that. And the climb is of […]

Tai Po Kau and Grassy Hill

It was the day after the gruelling hot hike from the Devil’s Fist. The Very Hot Weather Warning was still in force, but sitting at home I could not. The skies were really clear again, so what better than to head out to some great vantage points? Taking the heat into account I started off […]