Monthly Archives: November 2013

Geocaching by canoe – Sai Kung

A very special adventure today: geocaching by canoe, on the waters off Sai Kung. This is seawater, but it is as quiet as a lake, so very easy and safe to navigate by canoe. After meeting up at Kowloon Tong MTR station we went by car towards Sai Kung. Our driver and CO of X? […]

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

Another beautiful Saturday, what better to do than go out to the countryside for some geocaching? This time a family hike, and it took us to Clear Water Bay area, where we hiked the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail. After getting off the bus at Tai Au Mun we started by walking along Lung Ha […]

Ride your Stegosaurus!

A Stegosaurus is a large dinosaur, about 9m tall and 4m in height, extinct for about 150 million years. Or are they? This is the tale of a visit to one of these magnificent creatures. Not a very big one, maybe 6-7m long but still nearly 4m in height, it was a joy to ride […]