Smuggler’s Ridge and Piper’s Hill

Another day of geocaching. Starting off at a familiar location, Shing Mun Reservoir, which is also where the Needle Hill Tungsten Mines are located. A place I have visited several times.

Today was unfortunately one of those misty, cloudy, rainy days we have so many of in Hong Kong. Good chance to get soaked, and good chance to have poor views. And of course I had both.

DSCF6854The first part of my hike passed by the Shing Mun Redoubt, part of the Gin Drinker’s Line. This part is mostly intact, most of the pillboxes have been destroyed after the war, and large parts of the line are now part of the built up areas of the city. It is really interesting to explore those tunnels and trenches linking the various pillboxes.

DSCF6862-DSCF6863On I went, taking a somewhat creative route up to the Smuggler’s Ridge, trying to find the first cache up there, which I failed to do. Luckily it was not all lost, as the weather cleared up and the views were pretty good after all. To my right the high-rises of Kwai Chung, to my left was Shing Mun Reservoir.

DSCF6864Walking along the ridge is not too hard, though the path was pretty rough. Soon after I reached the second peak of this ridge, and the cache here was found quickly.

Down from Smuggler’s Ridge is Kam Shan Country Park, the area around Kam Shan, also known as Golden Hill. This is where most of Hong Kong’s macaque monkeys live, hundreds of them. Mostly harmless, they are known to steal the food out of your hands, and they are especially keen on plastic carry bags. Feeding is prohibited, however many people still do so.

DSCF6874As long as you keep your food hidden from sight, these monkeys are a fun sight. Running around the hills, jumping from branch to branch, they are real acrobats.

Following Golden Hill Road I made my way back to Sha Tin Road, passing in between Kowloon Reservoir and Kowloon Byewash Reservoir. The Byewash Reservoir is located in a very straight reservoir, the geological origins of this deep straight valley are featured in an earth cache of my own.